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Yarall Double-Sided Natural Silk Sleep Mask for Men Women, Super Soft & Comfortable Eye Mask for Sleeping, Light Blocking Eye Cover Mask Blindfold, Night Sleeping Mask, Black

EAN : 4712852303203
Material Silk
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Color Black
Brand Yarall
About this item
NATURAL and SUPER LIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Outer layer of double-sided organic mulberry silk, inner layer of ultra-soft cotton. Both materials are naturally hypoallergenic, so you can wear the mask safely all night long. The cotton fabric also helps the mask breathe, preventing you from becoming overheated during the night. TOTAL BLACKOUT EFFECT: Our blindfold eye cover may be soft as a pillow, but it also blocks almost 100% of all light due to our “total coverage” design. This ensures you can enjoy refreshing, blissful sleep at any time of the day. SOFT ADJUSTABLE STRAP:  We’ve carefully designed our elastic strap to be easy on your skin while still offering a nice, tight fit. Easily adjust the strap length to ensure your mask stays in place all night long. SLEEP ANYWHERE, ANYTIME:  Our lightweight and ultra-comfortable sleep mask allows for deep, restful, quality sleep no matter what’s going on around you. Our eye mask design blocks out light and distractions while nestling your face in pillowy comfort. Suitable for women and men. Use it anywhere - on planes, trains, in airports, in noisy hotels, or at home. GET MORE REM SLEEP:  Deep REM sleep is essential to maintaining a sharp mind, healthy energy levels, and a good mood. Our silk and cotton eye mask blocks out all distractions so that you can get better quality sleep all night long. Wake up refreshed, not groggy! BETTER SLEEP FOR A BETTER YOU:  Our sleep mask allows you to rest without pills, supplements, or other aids. The “no-rub” design not only allows you to blink freely, but stays put so that you can sleep comfortably in any position. It also protects your eyes from bedding that could cause wrinkles while supplying your eyes with cool, oxygen-rich air.